立式无线充 Wireless charger


                                    设计周期: 25工作日

                                    设计师: 4人





                       是这次设计主要解决的问题及方向。经过设计师努力调研和构思,跟据消费者人的审美喜好特征。最终把 产品外形设计为一体流线型的特征,给人一种简单大气,实用。


                       Design Notes:
                       Vacuum packaging machine, in line with modern people's attention to the concept of healthy cuisine, the main product, can save all foods in vacuum to
                     maintain long-term freshness. The pain points of the current market products are too heavy, inconvenient to use, and not aesthetically pleasing. This is the
                     main problem and direction of the design. After the designer's efforts to investigate and conceive, according to the aesthetic taste characteristics of consumers.
                     In the end, the shape of the product is designed as an integrated streamlined feature, giving a simple atmosphere and practicality. The effect of plastic paint is used
                    to create a high-end texture. The current product is on the market and is deeply loved by consumers.



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